Change Your Life with Orthotics in North Dallas TX

Orthotics North Dallas TXThe feet are probably the most overused and stressed parts of our bodies. They carry our entire body weight, sometimes for hours at a time, and they are often unsupported with the shoes we wear. Most people don’t take the time to properly care for their feet with stretching, strengthening exercises, or proper footwear. If you are one of millions of people dealing with constant foot pain, orthotics in North Dallas TX may change your life.

A podiatrist, or foot doctor, is the easiest place to get orthotics. Your feet will be measured, your step assessed, and specific orthotics will be prescribed. Some feet fit a generic mold, but most people need custom orthotics. When it comes to orthotics, there isn’t a “one size fits all” because no two feet look exactly the same.

 How Orthotics Work

Orthotics are inserts you put into closed-toe shoes. The length, width and dimensions of orthotics are customized to your feet specifically. If you overpronate or under pronate, the orthotics will compensate for those issues. They create balance where there is imbalance, and they straighten the step and angle of the feet.

Some people have sore feet when they first insert orthotics into their shoes. It is a weird feeling for first timers. After a few days, they should feel totally comfortable and normal, and walking and exercising should be easier.

 Your Insurance May Cover Orthotics

Check with your health insurance company to see if they cover orthotics. Some do, and others do not. Orthotics are fairly affordable even if you are paying out of pocket, but of course, insurance makes them more affordable. If your insurance helps foot the bill, you may even be able to afford better, more supportive shoes to put them in.

 Don’t Knock It Til’ You Try It

Orthotics aren’t just for elderly people or for those with serious foot problems. Years of walking barefoot or wearing unsupportive shoes can cause serious damage to the arch and other parts of the foot. You don’t have to be suffering from a serious injury or suffer for years to be eligible for orthotics. Work with a doctor who will give you orthotics in North Dallas TX, and you may be shocked how quickly your feet feel better.

 It’s really that simple

Simply putting orthotics in your shoes may be the cure for your pained, sore feet. They are affordable, and they can make your life pain-free and much simpler. Rather than put up with pain forever, visit a podiatrist and get orthotics in North Dallas TX.

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