Get to the Bottom of Back Pain with Orthotics in North Dallas TX

Orthotics North Dallas TXNobody’s perfect. Just watch a handful of people cross an intersection and you’ll see many different walking patterns or gaits. While individuality may be a good thing, a problem with the way you walk could indicate a need for orthotics from a North Dallas TX specialist. The California Board of Podiatric Medicine describes orthotics as custom-made inserts for the shoe that are designed to correct an irregular walking pattern. If you’re still clinging to your individuality and claim to be just fine with how you walk, you should understand that an irregular walking pattern can indicate or be the cause of even deeper physical issues.

One serious condition that orthotics in North Dallas TX can alleviate is back pain. The Brain and Spine Institute of California explains that flat feet are often at the bottom of back pain. This is because flat feet don’t properly support a person’s body weight. The patient subconsciously adjusts for the irregularity by rolling the ankles inward while walking — known as overpronation — or standing off-center when not in motion. These issues will cause back pain, but because orthotics can be used to treat flat feet by supporting your arches, it’s unnecessary pain.

Also falling under the category of “No One is Perfect” is the fact that perfect symmetry in the human body doesn’t exist. Dr. Philip Rosenblum explains on Health Tap, that it’s more normal to have one leg shorter than the other than it is to have two legs that are exactly the same length. While that may be a normal condition, it’s likely to cause back pain. The difference in how far your feet fall to hit the ground during a series of steps, no matter how subtle, creates an abnormal gait and an impact that causes lower back pain. Using an orthotic to compensate for the difference of your shorter leg is a little more tricky that supporting your arches. The goal is to increase the length of the shorter leg to precisely match the longer leg in order to solve the problem. However, a professional podiatrist should be able to fit you for an orthotic lift that is accurate and will alleviate back pain problems.

If you suspect your back pain is related to a foot problem, don’t just guess and live with the pain. See Dr. Karen Wasserman, a top specialist in orthotics in North Dallas TX. With over 30 years of experience, she knows how to treat foot problems without surgery and relieve your foot pain as well as issues that start with your feet but result in pain throughout the body.

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