Remedy Common Foot Problems By Visiting a Podiatrist in North Dallas

Podiatrist North Dallas TXSome people are more prone to foot pain than others, and a visit toa podiatrist in North Dallas is the best way to accurately diagnose and treat foot problems. Whether you’re an athlete, homemaker or office worker, you’ve probably suffered from painful foot conditions, including bunions, swelling or hammer toes, at one time or another.  Here are some of the most common foot ailments, what causes them and how a podiatrist in North Dallas treats each condition.

1- Corns

Caused by shoe friction, corns are bumps on the sides of the toes. Like calluses found on the bottom of the toes or soles, they are hard, thick spots of dead skin.  Corns and calluses are usually caused by ill-fitting shoes.  Stop wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes and wear cushioned shoes with wide toe boxes. Use a pumice stone, file and softening creams to reduce corns and calluses. For tough cases, you may need to have your podiatrist file down the dead skin. Corns and calluses aren’t dangerous, but they may cause complications if you are diabetic or have open sores.

2-  Athlete’s Foot

When feet perspire due to intense activity, it causes itchy, burning foot fungus. This fungus often appears between toes, making your feet feel as though they’re on fire.  Moderate or severe cases of athlete’s foot result in rashes, blisters or vesicles filled with fluid. You can prevent or treat athlete’s foot at home by washing your feet with antibacterial soap, using moisture-absorbing anti-fungal powders, and changing socks after exercising or walking long distances. If athlete’s foot persists, despite at-home prevention methods, visit your podiatrist in North Dallas for a thorough foot examination.

3-  Hammertoes

Hammertoes affect the toes and the bottom and ball of your foot at the base of your toes. If your toes look misshapen or crooked, or you have a bent or crowded second toe, you probably have hammertoes.  This condition is caused by wearing shoes that are too pointy or tight, flat feet, arthritis of the foot, or bunions. You should treat hammertoes as soon as they appear or walking may become painful and difficult. Your toes may become severely bent or misshapen and go out of alignment. In extreme cases, surgery may be required. Wear comfortable shoes and use corn pads or shoe inserts to prevent rubbing and train foot muscles to work together.

If you suffer from hammertoes, athlete’s foot, corns or other common foot conditions, you may need to buy a pair of therapeutic or orthopedic shoes, use shoe inserts or receive treatment from a podiatrist. Karen Wasserman, DPM (Doctor of  Podiatric Medicine) , a top podiatrist in North Dallas, is committed to treating patients’ foot problems without surgery. She is experienced in non-invasive treatment methods for common foot ailments.  Her office is behind a retail store called Treat Your Feet, which specializes in diabetic and orthopedic shoes.  Call Dr. Wasserman at  214-350-1311 to schedule an appointment if you are suffering from foot pain. Dr. Wasserman will  suggest many non-surgical options, including therapeutic shoes, to restore your normal gait.

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