Orthotics In North Dallas, TX: What Are Orthotics And How Can They Help You?

Orthotics North Dallas TXThere are a variety of foot problems that can be treated with orthotics in North Dallas, TX; unfortunately, many people who have foot issues don’t know what orthotics are and how they can help.  Orthotics can range from over-the-counter shoe inserts to specially-made devices that are designed with computers to support and comfort your exact feet for whatever reason you may need them.  Shoe inserts are inexpensive and mass-produced and aren’t always effective while custom orthotics are created for each person’s specific foot needs.

The two kinds of orthotics in North Dallas, TX are functional orthotics and accommodative orthotics.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, functional orthotics are used to treat abnormal foot biomechanics, which can create abnormal foot motion.  Because they are made of semi-rigid materials like plastic and graphite, they can correct the abnormal motion to give the wearer a more normal gait and to alleviate pain that can sometimes be associated with abnormal biomechanics.  Accommodative orthotics are made of softer material to cushion the feet.  They are often used by people who have painful calluses, foot ulcers and other painful conditions.  Orthotics can also be a combination of functional and accommodative.

How do you know if orthotics can help you?  Do you have:

▸  Pain in your feet or lower legs when you walk or run?
▸  Chronic heel, shin, knee or lower back pain?
▸  Flat feet or high arches?
▸  Bunions or hammertoes?
▸  Gait abnormalities (feet pointing inward or outward when walking)?
▸  Uneven wear on your shoes (one side wears down faster than the other)?
▸  Painful sores or calluses on your feet?

There are many reasons to see a specialist for custom orthotics in North Dallas, TX but the main reason is that custom orthotics have been proven to improve function and decrease pain in people who wear them.  Over-the-counter shoe inserts can be helpful in a limited number of cases – mostly for people who just want a little extra padding in their shoes – but anyone with chronic pain, sores or long-term foot problems should head straight to a podiatrist’s office for help.
In North Dallas, Karen Wasserman is the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine who can diagnose and treat your foot problems with custom orthotics.  Dr. Wasserman specializes in eliminating or reducing foot pain and restoring function without surgery.  Her custom orthotics are made using a 3D gait analyzer for the most accurate fit.  If your feet hurt, call Dr. Wasserman today at 214-350-1311 to schedule an appointment.  And visit northdallaspodiatrist.com to learn more about what she can do for you.

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