North Dallas Podiatrist Karen Wasserman

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Dr. Karen Wasserman is a certified and practicing podiatrist Dallas TX for over 30 years. She specializes in helping those with foot problems and foot pain find comfort without surgery. This can sometimes be accomplished with the simple trimming of corns, callouses and toenails. Often, a change of footwear can end foot pain. A shoe insert, or orthotic can change your life and greatly ease foot pain.

A simple procedure can end the pain of ingrown toenails. It is done in the office, you are able to return to work or school the very same day.

There are multiple ways to relieve arch and heel pain. This can include shoe inserts or sandals with arch support. Wave therapy (EPAT) is available and has been a life changer for many suffering with arch and heel pain. Although it is not covered by insurers, the results have been incredible. Three to four treatments can end those aching heels.
Thinning of toenails can relieve shoe pressure and aching.

A neuroma, which feels like a bruise on the bottom of your foot and causes shooting pains into your toes, can be solved with shoe inserts or a series of injections.that can actually end the problem. It is not a steroid, it is sclerosing alcohol. Think about this before you decide to have surgery.